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Technisub Micromask Black

Stock No.  TS108500
R 1,199.00
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All black Aqua Lung Technisub Micromask has reinvented the diving mask with its new Micromask which is suitable for Divers and Freedivers. The Micro mask's revolutionary design has moved the Lenses closer to the Eyes,  offering the diver a vast field of vision, not to mention incredible visual clarity. Because the Dual Lenses are so close to the Eyes, the mask is very low profile and has an extremely low internal volume, making it easy to clear and keeping it from becoming an obstacle as you maneuver through the water.

In addition to the lens design, the Aqua Lung engineers revisited the Mask Strap. The double jointed mask buckles rotate up and down, as well as in and out; this allows you to find the ideal fit and positioning, regardless of your head shape. The push button release mechanism makes adjusting the Strap simple, even with bulky dive gloves.

The Micro Mask has all the standard features you look for in a mask. The double feathered edge silicone skirt and wide split strap combined for a comfortable and Perfect Seal on the Face. The mask is equipped with tempered glass lenses and has a one hand easy to reach nose pocket for ear equalization, that works well with thick gloved hands.


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