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WipeOut - 50 Pack 4ml Sachet

Stock No.  WIPEOUT-50P4MLS
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Anolyte Water Based Disinfectant Anolyte Water Based Disinfectant can be used as the key product for the disinfecting of surfaces including all food preparation, utensils and hands. It is the product of an ElectroChemical Activation process that mimics the chemistry of the human body’s defense system. The key ingredient to Anolyte’s advanced disinfection power is the compound Hypochlorous acid which is the same compound our body generates in response to infection.

Wipe Out is a ready to use broad spectrum disinfectant that kills 99.9% of tested micro-organisms. It is:

•Non-Corrosive (if used on untreated stainless steel, mild corrosion may occur)

•pH Neutral Solution

•Bleach Free

•Does not leave a harsh chemical residue



•Chemical free


•Residue free

•Harmful organisms cannot develop resistance against it Safe for use on:

•Food-contact Surfaces

•In Hospitals

•Baby Areas

•Pet Areas Effective against these; amongst others:

•Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus

•Swine Influenza Virus

•Escherichia coli

•Vancomycin resistant enterococci

•Hepatitis-A virus

•Polio Virus

•Mycobacterium bovis

•Salmonella enterica etc

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