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AWARE Shark Conservation (Incl Material)


AWARE Shark Conservation (Incl Material)

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Have you ever wondered why sharks attack people?

Have you ever wanted to know more about how sharks live?

Chances are that you've been scuba diving with sharks all along. The truth is you’ll be lucky if you get to see a shark underwater. They are a rare privilege to observe.

Be prepared. Whether on a guided shark dive or just looking for a chance encounter, you should learn what type of sharks might be in the area and find out how they’re likely to behave. Dive with a group in the daytime. Scuba divers on their own and in low visibility are more at risk in waters where sharks are likely to be. Sharks often swim just beyond steep inclines, so look out into big water as you descend to catch a glimpse. Often the first divers into the water are the only ones who get to see a shark as it swims away from the unwelcome intrusion of a dive boat and the scuba divers it unloads.

Beyond using basic scuba equipment, you’ll want a slate to record what you see and a fish identification card if available for your area. Your PADI Instructor and our staff may suggest additional equipment or references depending on what you’re likely to see on your dives.

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