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Tired of having to submerge your computer in water so you can see through the gauge protector? Once your gauge protector gets scuffed and scratched enough you can hardy read it on the surface between dives, it still protects the computers crystal, but… - Read More

R 270.00

The Atom2.0 Strap Set Includes: Pins, Two straps and an extension strap. - Read More

R 805.00

Full Strap set for Aceanic OC-1 - Read More

R 680.00

Oceanic OCi Lens Replacement Protector Film is made of a clear film material that protects your crystal lens. - Read More

R 230.00

Replacement strap for OCi/OCS computer - Read More

R 759.00

This Oceanic Transmitter will work with many of Oceanic's computers that are air integrated. If you have an OC1, Atom 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0, VT, VT3, V, VT, VT3 and VT4 and want to upgrade or need to replace your transmitter this item is what you want.… - Read More

R 7,348.00