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DIVING FOR DUMMIES QUESTIONS Frequently Asked Questions About Scuba Diving

The team here at Scubaversity is ready to debunk all the myths, answer all the questions ao that you can start your Scuba Diving lifestyle! 

So many questions about Scuba Diving. 
How deep to you go? 
Are there like Sharks down there? 
Is it dark? 
What will I see? 
Do fish eat vomit? 
What’s up with peeing in your wetsuit? 
And why would you want to spit in your mask? 
What if I got silicone b...bs? 
Why does the ocean taste salty? 
What do divers wear under their wetsuits...?

Genuine Questions

How deep do you have to dive to dive under the island?

  • Answer: Very Deep.

Where is the BEST diving place in the world?

  • Answer: The best diving place in the world as compiled by diver’s votes is currently Barracuda Point in Sipadan Malaysia but each diver has their own favourite diving spot. Part of the adventure of diving is finding your best diving spot!

What is your favourite underwater sign?

  • Answer: I’m sure every diver has their own favourite sign but my favourite is the ‘okay’ sign as it is most used and is both a question and an answer.

Can you dive without a wetsuit?

  • Answer: Of course you can! Wetsuits are used to keep you warm and to provide a layer of protection from certain aquatic life such as jelly fish, but in places such as the Mediterranean where the average water temperature in its hottest months, July and August, is 27 degrees Celsius, a wetsuit is definitely not needed!

Can you dive in your Bikini?

  • Answer: Of Course! We actually prefer it.

How difficult is the Open Water Exam?

  • Answer: Not difficult at all. All you need to do is understand your work and you’ll be A-Okay!

Can you drink and dive?

  • Answer: No. Straight up no.

Can I go diving if I wear glasses?

  • Answer: Yes! You can wear contacts but if contacts aren’t an option for you, you can actually get your glass’s prescription put into your mask.

Do I need my own gear to dive?

  • Answer: You need gear that will be personal , such as a wetsuit, booties, fins, mask and a snorkel. Hard gear such as a BCD, Cylinder and Regulator you can rent. All in all, you need your own gear that you are going to pee and spit in.

Does one always have to dive in a group?

  • Answer: You don’t always have to dive in a group but it is preferred and almost mandatory to have a Dive Buddy to dive with you.

Who is PADI?

  • Answer: The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is a recreational diving membership and diver training organization founded in 1966 by John Cronin and Ralph Erickson.

How hard is it to breathe underwater?

  • Answer: How hard is it to breathe now?

How many different doors can be opened once completing your Dive Masters?

  • Answer: Many doors. Eg. You can be employed as a dive master and earn a living from it. Dive Masters is a step closer to becoming an instructor. Through your dive masters you do other courses that provide extremely helpful skills such as becoming an Emergency First Responder and a Rescue Diver.

Why did the guy on the video use a lighter on his mask?

  • Answer: Its one of the ways you can use to get rid of the silicone layer that appears on the mask from the factory. The silicone layer fogs up the mask preventing you from being able to see.

Will a fish die if you chase after him?

  • Answer: You can try chase it but chances are its way faster than you.

How long does it take to complete your course?

  • Answer: On average about 2 weeks.

Does being a good swimmer matter?

  • Answer: You don’t have to be a very good swimmer but you do have to be able to swim.

What is the worst thing that has happened under water?

  • Answer: We didn’t see the shark.

Do you have to be a certain weight to dive?

  • Answer: Not at all!

Can I do every dive naked?

  • Answer: Only if you’re a supermodel.

What is the maximum weight you have to be to not be allowed to dive?

  • Answer: There is no maximum weight!


Funny Questions

Where’s the lost Atlanta?

  • Answer: We’re not sure. We can’t find it…

How deep do you have to dive to dive under the island?

  • Answer: Very Deep

Can Scubaversity please do something about all the plastic in the sea

  • Answer: We’re trying.

Will a fish die if you chase after him?

  • Answer: You can try chase it but chances are its way faster than you.

If I fart underwater, will it cause an enema?

  • Answer: If its big enough.

What size hook do you recommend for catching fish while diving?

  • Answer: No Hook….

The list really does go on-and-on-and-on... If you have a questions we didnt anwers above, please do ask away!

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