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Scuba Diving really does open up a whole new world to explore!

We at Scubaversity would love to have you join our tribe! We run an Open Water course pretty much every month – so when you’re ready, you can jump on at any time. Your course material is online based so it is super easy to start, all you have to do is register and pay the course material. We will send you a code that you redeem to immediately start with the theory section of your open water diver course!

When deciding to do your open water course you really have to choose your instructor and dive school wisely. It is a life-changing decision and you want to give it due diligence by carefully considering all factors regarding your course starting with most important safety, just as essential the dive school facilities and the instructors who will be training you to scuba dive and the vibe of your tribe!

At Scubaversity we believe in the performance-based system, your course is as long as what it takes for you to become Comfortable, Confident, Competent which equals a SAFE diver. Becoming a SAFE diver has to happen in the pool. The only way to achieve this is through repetition, with positive reinforcement and help from your Scubaversity Instructor. Our safety standards ensure that you will not enter open water or become certified if you do not feel 100% safe in the pool.

In regards to the pricing, we have a couple of options for you to consider.


Why choose Scubaversity

Deciding to do learn to dive is a life-changing decision so we understand the need for you to understand exactly what it entails, choosing your instructor and dive school requires due diligence examining all aspects of what you are being offered. Some more reasons you would want to dive with us

  • We have the only multi-level training pool in South Africa that is up to 5 meters deep.
  • On-site beach, kiosk, and entertainment area
  • All training will be conducted by a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer (MSDT)
  • Our course is designed to build confident and motivated divers.
  • It is student-centric, not instructor-centered.
  • Ensures plenty of time for skill development and practice.
  • Follows student-paced training.
  • No more than 4:1 student to instructor ratios.
  • Divemaster on all dives to add to safety.
  • Personal course tailoring.
  • Unlimited classroom time.
  • Pool sessions will be conducted over at least two days.
  • Four separate Open Water dives over at least two separate days.
  • Oxygen, First Aid Kit, and trained personnel available on all courses.
  • A dedicated SCUBA gear, computer, and travel overview evening.
  • Try Dive vouchers for family and friends.
  • Equipment gift vouchers.
  • Money-back guarantee*.