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The Tranquil Sea Angel

Marine Life MandyZ COMMENTS 18 Jan, 2024
  1. Belonging to the clade Gymnosomata, sea angels are diminutive sea slugs that rarely exceed seven centimeters in length. They derive their name from their wing-like appendages that enable them to glide through their aquatic habitat.
  2. Sea angels exhibit a captivating movement. Their elegance stems from their pulsating motions that resemble a coordinated dance. Moreover, these animals are semi-transparent, revealing their internal organs and gonads.
  3. One can observe the inner workings of a sea angel without any special equipment. These creatures offer a fascinating glimpse into their anatomy and physiology.
  4. Sea angels have many remarkable features. They are hermaphrodites, meaning they can change sexes. Their mating rituals involve a lot of spinning, which may seem inappropriate to some human observers, but it is actually quite beautiful to witness.
  5. A sea angel pair remains attached during these rituals, spinning for hours while enjoying the sounds of the ocean's depths.

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