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Shout Out To Rudi

MandyZ COMMENTS 27 Jul, 2017

I realised with the loss of Gordon and Andre recently it is exceptionally sad we only got to shout their praises at the respective memorials.

Last night we had an instructors meeting at Scubaversity, I looked around the room and saw Rudi.

There were other instructors as well, and they will get their shoutout - but today I wanted to write something for Rudi.

If I had to think of words to describe Rudi "loyal" immediately pops up. Followed rapidly with committed, passionate, absolutely dependable in every aspect and then also naughty.

Rudi became an associate at Scubaversity in 2003. Almost 15 years. And from the very start whenever he was involved with us he has been a 100% committed. I have not met many divers who are as passionate about scuba as Rudi. He literally will NEVER turn down a dive. Come rain, hail or maybe even a tsunami!

It is with that passion, that I have personally seen him convince hundreds of people to start out of their own diving adventure and join the Scubaversity lifestyle.His "paraat" military background ensures that his training is always safe. And because of his love for his girls he is absolutely amazing training kids.

This disciplinary attitude has trained the best Scubaversity dive masters, although I think there might have been some murderous thoughts after the old stress tests. He acted those out so well, making sure the dmt's experienced the stress a new diver would feel. Ensuring they can cope with it but also have empathy with the diver.

His fun-loving, naughty nature has always been a great source of entertainment for us and has gotten him in a lot of trouble. But who else will pull off a convoy on a sand road, in between Ponta and Malongane to have a party right there!

Everybody he has trained always asks where is he is and how he is doing, when they visit the dive school. To me that is a true testimony of a great instructor. If your student from 15 years ago still remembers your name, you definately made an impact in their lives.

Thanks Rudi for sharing your passion with us and being such a loyal friend. We love you lots. Cheers to the next 15 years hopefully we will finish it off at Scubaversity retirement resort in Ponta!

Written By

Mandy Zietsman

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