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Sharks Through The Eyes Of Nicola Loots - 2019 Intern

Testimonials MandyZ COMMENTS 03 Sep, 2019

Hey Guys, so most of you will know me as Nicola (Nikki) or as Dickie will say “big mouth 2”… I really have no idea why he would call me that LOL “hehehe” “ like hay I’m just Hiring my voice… LOL". But in more exciting news I just need to share this with you guys, I am doing my shark specialty soon and thought I might as well read a bit more about them before I start my adventure with these majestic fish. The most interesting fact is that they have no bones, the ocean dissolves every part of them when they die, except for their teeth which explains why the oceans floor is covered in shark teeth " if you look really hard for them". My brain is only as big as my two fists which basically makes me “Albert Einstein 2” right? Well, a shark is pretty much the Albert Einstein of the oceans with the largest brain of any other fish in the ocean. Guys!...  just imagine carrying a baby for 2 years... That’s right 2 years and shark embryos attack each other in the womb. WOW !!!  You know when your mom calls you, and you pretend like you don't hear her, well Sharks have incredibly good hearing, they can hear up to approx 915 meters away. 

My personal favorite would definitely be a whale shark it is the biggest mammal in the ocean. I have no idea when but I really want to go dive with them, but I know I will most probably freak out, just look at how big they are. Have you ever looked at your fingerprints? The spots on a whale shark work the same way every whale shark has its unique spots.  Whale sharks can have up to 300 pups in a single litter. This is the most beautiful Mammal of all times let’s try and take it off the endangered list.

This is why you should do a  Shark specialty. The ocean is filled with 450 kinds of Sharks, if you want to know more about them, join me on the next Shark Speciality and learn more about these amazing creatures.     


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