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Mozambique Adventures - Jade 2019 Intern

Travel MandyZ COMMENTS 04 Sep, 2019

Excitement fills the Dive Centre as we wait for everyone to meet with us for the convoy, as it hits 12:00 we are on our way to Ponte Molongane! 


We make a few stops on the way and take a few photos as well. As we make our way through the small sandy roads of Mozambique we eventually get to Mologane, a club favorite, rustic, very quaint and quiet setting close to all the popular reefs and it is literally right on the beach! We immediately start unpacking and getting settled into our tents and huts which is all nice and close to the beach and we all get together for a camp briefing. We start off with some exploring around the little stalls and meeting the locals then we head off to some awesome sand dunes for some  4x4ing ( So be prepared to put your 4x4 to the ultimate test ). We also do a lot of pub crawling to places called Jack’s barefoot bar which was my favorite bar because you can buy small planks and write whatever you want on them and nail them to any part of the bar, Ninho’s, Sunset Shack, 360 etc. And one thing all these little pubs have in common, the RnR’s are the best!!

My favorite reef is by far Panicles, Deep diving. It was my most exciting dive, I saw how colors change at depth, we took down an egg squished it a bit, passed it around to one another and eventually popped it where fish went crazy! I saw so many bigger fish than what you will normally see on a reef, such as huge Potato Bass and more likely to see bigger sharks, we were lucky enough to see two Bull sharks it was truly mind blowing experience. As staff you will always find us in the kitchen, as they say the kitchen is always the heart of the home but in this case it is the heart of the trip! Staff, Club Members as well as Dive Masters are always willing to lend a helping hand to whoever needs it, it’s not just fun but one of the best ways  to get to know one another better.


The locals there as awesome people to get along with, they sometimes join us on outings or we join them, all in all it’s a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere.

Well I am off to get ready for my next Mozambique trip I am so excited I’m already all packed. Then I will be back next time to tell you all about it, and I can assure you it will be a different trip filled with new kinds of experiences.


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