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Marico Oog – October 2019

Travel MandyZ COMMENTS 05 Nov, 2019

Situated about 173km out of Johannesburg, is a well-hidden gem to visit. A small little farm situated
in Lichtenburg lays a dive site that should be on every divers’ bucket list, in my opinion. With the
option of roughing it in a tent or staying in one of their chalets, Marico Oog gives you a break from
the busy city life and the chance to sit back enjoy the basics of life, with wonderful sunsets, exciting
memories and tummy hurting laughs. Surrounded by reeds and covered with floating water lilies,
Marico Oog offers you an opportunity to be transported to another dive world with its colours,
visibility and tranquillity. Being a first-time diver there are so many emotions running through your
mind. Being in the fresh waters of Marico Oog, your attention is taken away from the anxiety, fear
and nervousness and transformed into excitement, peace and comfort. The only thing you really
need to remember is to keep on breathing. This was an experience not to be missed and one to be
remembered forever as a first-time diver. This natural spring offers you 20 degrees Celsius water,
with visibility of 10m (if not more). The clear waters provide you with the opportunity to view some
of the freshwater habitants, including Koi, Crabs and even a rather shy freshwater eel. The good
times however do not stop under the water. After every dive you get greeted with smiles and laughs
from the most welcoming team. This adding to the experience of making this adventure even more
unforgettable. With everyone sitting around the warm fire, there is always a laugh to be heard, or an
exciting story to be told. The Scubaversity team welcome everyone with warmth and comfort,
inviting everyone to join the family and talk you into the next crazy adventure. Being apart of the
Marico Oog trip with the team at Scubaveristy has opened many friendships, helped conquer fears
and created memories that will be remembered even after dive 100.

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