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The Parrotfish

Marine Life MandyZ COMMENTS 20 Sep, 2023

Bumphead parrotfish

The largest parrotfish species is the green bumphead parrotfish, often known as the humphead parrotfish. They may grow to be about 60 inches long and weigh an amazing 165 pounds.
The fish are mostly green-blue in color and feature a huge, incredibly recognizable "bulge" (also known as a hump or bump) between their eyes.

Blue parrotfish

As its name suggests, the adults of the blue parrotfish are totally blue, making it a lovely and simple fish to recognize. Most young parrotfish, sometimes referred to as juveniles, are a light blue color. Males frequently have grey patterns, and females might vary in shade of blue.

Rainbow parrotfish

The front of a rainbow parrotfish's body is brown-orange, while the back is green, so they aren't as colorful as you might anticipate. .
Male rainbow parrotfish can grow to be an impressive 48 inches long and weigh a hefty 45lbs, making them one of the largest parrotfish species.

Princess parrotfish

Princess parrotfish have a strong sense of community. They enjoy going out to feed in big groups, although they prefer to do so at odd times. As a diurnal species, princess parrotfish like to eat at night and unwind during the day.
So, if you spot a gang of parrotfish on the prowl for food on your next night dive, it might well be a school of princess parrotfish!


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