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Mozambique Dive Sites

Dive Sites MandyZ COMMENTS 11 Oct, 2023
  • Pinnacles is a world famous dive site where up to ten shark species can be seen. Tiger sharks, bull sharks, blacktip sharks, silvertip sharks, dark sharks, spinner sharks, Java sharks, leopard sharks, gray reef sharks and hammerhead sharks live here. A reeftax and a boating fee is required at the diving center.
  • Three Sisters is located off Ponta Malongane and ranges in depth from 19 to 26 metres. It’s (surprisingly) comprised of three separate little reefs, with one much larger than the other two. We spent most of the dive on this larger sister, which stands high off the sand and is covered with beautiful, huge plate corals and hordes of fish.
  • Doodles is the so-called “house Reef” of Ponta do Ouro. It’s a short boat ride from the corner of the beach where the dive boats launch. It’s an irregularly-shaped rocky outcrop with plenty of crevasses and small caves in which home black cheek moray eels, boxer shrimp, paper fish, and resting devil fire fish. Most of the action is above the reef, where huge schools of maasbanker, dusky sweeper and yellow and blue banded snapper moved around At times, gets dark as the dense school of silvery fish blocked out the light.

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